Catégorie : Kawaii


In the Mountains there is a man-eating beast called the nekomata (forked cat). Tsurezuregusa – Kenkō Yoshida, The 14th century   According to Japanese tradition, cats which have lived for more than ten years are transformed into nekomata («cat with forked tail»), meaning they have two tails and they dance in the moonlight. In Animism,…

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The dancers are fools, the watchers are fools, both are fools alike so, why not dance? Awa Odori’s song   THE CLUSTERs is a dance performance that brings inorganic machines to life. It stages eight robotic dancers, under the direction of an artist-performer. Each rhythm created by the moves of one robot is added to…

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  Grâce à cette restriction, je peux voler. Grâce à cette tristesse, je peux planer très haut. Grâce à cette adversité, je peux courir. Et grâce à une larme, je peux aller au plus loin. Mahatma GANDHI – Le poème ‘Testament’ , 1948   SocialJusticeWarrior StraitJacketWokers est une série de robots inclus dans une installation…

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